Monitoring 360

The Monitoring 360 solution allows you to monitor, in real time, all of your business processes.


You thus offer the possibility of being proactive and of being able to anticipate certain problems before they solve.


The capture and correlation of events emitted by different applications provide an end-to-end view of your processes.

Have a 360°
of your business processes


Main features

Modeling of the processes to be monitored and managed : whether your processes are human or technical , implemented in BPM solutions or not.

Collection of events : the operation of Monitoring 360 is based on the capture, correlation and processing of events are done in third-party applications. Connectors of different types (ESB, file analysis, API, etc.) provide interfaces with these different applications.

Structured and/or rapid searches : several types of searches (structured, multi-criteria, textual, etc.) based on technical or functional criteria allow access to any type of information present in the system.

Proactivity/alerting : alerts make it possible to monitor the execution of processes (management of current events and missing events), ensuring the proactivity of the system allowing the right decisions to be made at the right time.

Monitoring dashboards : Monitoring 360 is rich in dashboards on different types of indicators. “Drill down” mechanisms provide access to the details / origins of the indicator consulted. It is possible to regularly enrich the existing dashboards.

AI Prediction Module : the AI ​​Prediction Module performs statistical analysis on existing data in order to predict events and anticipate problems by making the right decisions at the right time.

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